School Council

We strongly believe in involving the pupils in all areas of school life. The school council is a
way of ensuring that the pupils are at the heart of school matters and are able to make
important decisions that are important to them. 

Recently the school council have undertaken an environmental audit of the school with a
specific focus on the school building and outdoor areas. During the audit the school council
identified a number of areas that require improvement. Following the audit the school councilwrote a letter to Mr Simon Davies (Head of access to education) asking for possible financial support to complete the works required. We were incredibly pleased to receive a responsefrom  Mr. Davies and following a visit by the council’s buildings inspector the council have agreed to support the school to enable us to improve the school site and buildings. 

Please see below pictures of before and after of the works completed. Pupil power at it’s best.. Da iawn Cyngor Ysgol!!